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A selection of software projects I've worked on


HackSheffield 3.0: Banki

For HackSheffield 3.0, our team developed a web app designed to make saving money easy and rewarding. Using the Capital One Nessie API, we developed a virtual creature called "Banki", which the user could buy food and items for. When the user purchased an item, it moved money from their current account into their savings and work towards a goal. The project won the "Change Banking for Good by Capital One" prize at HackSheffield 3.0

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Sysnative: Update Database

To assist our Windows Update experts at Sysnative Forums, I created a database to catalogue and document every Windows Update from Vista to Windows 10. The database stores basic information including architecture, version and download link, but also stores information about the manifests, packages and payloads stored within the update.

Technologies Used

RWBA: Intranet

Getting teachers to embrace new technology isn't always easy. It's often too hard to use, takes too long to set up or is just any better than the old way. With the introduction of OneNote Class Notebooks and Office 365, Royal Wootton Bassett Academy (RWBA) looked at how they could integrate class notebooks into lessons as easily as possible.

I am working with RWBA to develop a bespoke intranet, giving pupils and staff quick access to the notebooks they needed for the day. Integration with the school's existing SIS allowed at-a-glance access of timetables and student information, as well as announcements and events from Sharepoint Online.

Technologies Used

RWBA: Pathway

Pathway is an application used at RWBA to help monitor student progression and performance in their various subjects. Originally written in Classic ASP, I am assisting with a re-write in ASP.NET MVC5 with a strong focus on performance and ease of use.

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PizzaShed was a first year University group project, where we were tasked to create a system that allows people to order pizza via twitter. Customers would simply sign up with PizzaShed and tweet their order, where it would be picked up by staff and prepared.

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RogueCell was a team project during GameJam 3.0 at the University of Sheffield and produced in less than 30 hours. You play as a private detective on the verge on uncovering the mafia. They've acquired advanced technology and devolved you into a single cell. In order to uncover the mafia and regain your true form you must fight the mafia, and absorb their dna to evolve.

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Elo Ranking System

As part of my A-Level Computer Science coursework, I created a system to help PE teachers track scores in matches, and calculate rankings for students based on the games they win and lose. The program used the Elo ranking system which takes into account not only the amount of games won and lost, but the ranking of the opponent to help ensure a fair reflection of the players ability.

Technologies Used

RWBA: Sports Day Score Tracker

When approached by the head of P.E. to record scores for the school's annual sport's day, I didn't realise how much work it could be. With dozens of Excel sheets, huge formulas, and paper everywhere, I knew there must be a better way.

Using the Yii framework, I built a basic web app to help track scores. By allowing multiple students to enter scores simultaneously and search the database of students in the school, data entry was many times faster and much more accurate. Students and staff could also see the real time scores on the interactive kiosks around the school.

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